High Precise Digital Illumination Meter Light Intensity Measure Instrument


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Product Description:

1. MAX/MIN maximum / minimum measurement identification
2. Measurement readings display
3. AUTO automatic switching range identification
4. Instrument open key / shutdown key
5. Mode switch button, short press switch unit, long press toggle normal / max / min mode.
6. Light sensor component
7. HOLD lock screen logo
8. Low voltage identification of battery
9. Light illuminance unit, Lux: lex, Fc: ulnar candlelight
10. Reading times multiplied by X. This multiple is readings.
11. Display the current range
12. HOLD key, short lock screen, long press switch automatic range and manual range.

Note: do not measure at high temperature / high humidity. When used, the light detector should be kept clean. The reference standard of the light source test is at the top of the light sphere. When it is not used, please cover the protective cover and improve the service life of the instrument.

Measurement steps:
1. Take off the protective cover according to the direction.
2. Open the key by opening the key.
3. Short press MODE key to select the required unit Lux/FC, long press MODE key to select the required mode, divided into: current measurement / MAX maximum measurement / MIN minimum measurement, short HOLD key can be locked screen.
4. Instrument default automatic measurement, if you need to manually switch the range, press the HOLD key long cycle to select the range.
5. Get the reading from the light source at the top of the optical sphere.
6. Press off the key and cover the protective cover.

Key function introduction:
Switch key: switchgear function.
MODE key: short press switch measurement unit Lux / Fc. Long press switch mode, divided into current mode / MAX maximum measurement / MIN minimum measurement.
HOLD key: short click for lock screen function, long cycle to switch range, and after loop end, jump back to automatic mode:200 – > 2000 – > 20000 –>200000.
Automatic shutdown function:
This instrument has the function of automatic shutdown. The key is not operated in 15 minutes. The instrument will automatically cut off the power supply to save battery loss.

Maintenance and maintenance:
When the meter is not in use, it should be stored in a dry / dust-free dry environment. If it is not used for a long time, remove the battery, so as to prevent the battery leakage from damaging the instrument.

Battery replacement:
When the instrument screen displays the low voltage indication of the battery, it indicates that the battery is nearly exhausted and needs to be replaced immediately.
1. remove the battery cover of the back of the instrument.
2. replace the new 9V battery.
3. cover the battery cover.

Large screen LCD illuminance measurement value
Measurement range: 0.1~200000Lux, 0.01~20000Fc
Resolution: 0.1Lux / 0.01Fc
Measurement accuracy: + 4%
Sampling frequency: 2 times / second
Unit: Lux: lux, Fc: ulnar candlelight
Lock screen function (Hold), maximum / minimum measurement
Automatic range AUTO and manual switching of range
Automatic shutdown function (15 minutes without operation)
The meter will automatically detect battery power. Please replace the battery in time when the symbol is displayed.

Product size: 145 X 67 X 32mm/5.71 X 2.64 X 1.26"

Weight: 170 g

Power supply: 1 X 9V battery(battery is not included)
Working environment: 14℃ to 122℃ x (-10℃ to 50 C), 10%~90%RH
Storage environment: 14℃ to 131℃ x (-10℃ to 55 ℃), 10%~95%RH

Package Content:

1 x Illumination Meter

High Precise Digital Illumination Meter Light Intensity Measure Instrument
High Precise Digital Illumination Meter Light Intensity Measure Instrument
High Precise Digital Illumination Meter Light Intensity Measure Instrument