Ichimodajin Hair Cleaner Pet Hair Cleaning Foam For Dropshipping


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We are glad to share you Ichimodajin Hair Cleaner Pet Hair Cleaning Foam.The hair can be removed very quickly and interestingly.

  • Easily remove carpet hair, pet hair that is drilled or infiltrated on the sofa.
  • It is very easy to suck out the pet hair easily and to clean the hair together.
  • Do not clean the machine if you don't stick the pet hair.
  • It does not consume electricity, wastes paper, is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, and is economical.
  • The service life is very long.

Long hair type Over 1.6 inches.
Middle hair type Over 0.8~1.6 inches.
Short hair type Less than 0.8 inches.

Package Includes
  • 1 x Hair Cleaner