JDS2900 LCD Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Sign Generator Meter


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JDS2900 LCD Handheld Program Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Signal Generator Arbitrary Wave Form Pulse Frequency Meter 

The JDS2900 series has 5 different models of 15MHz/30MHz/40MHz/50MHz/60MHz/;
It indicates that the frequency range of the sine wave is different, for short, JDS-2915, JDS-2930, JDS-2940, JDS-2950, JDS-2960.

1.The vertical resolution of waveform is optimized to 14 bits, the sampling rate is 266MSa/s, and the waveform is more delicate.
2.Sine wave frequency is optimized from 0.01uHz-60MHz to square wave 0.01uHz-15MHz.
3.Each function has independent operation interface, switching smoothly without carton.
4.The bias adjustment is optimized to -9.99V~ +9.99V, which is more precise.
5. The two channel phase difference adjustment is optimized to 0.1 degrees, and the delay is more precise.
6. Use CE to authenticate high quality 5V2A power adapter.

JDS2900 series miniaturized portable dual channel (equal performance) DDS function / arbitrary waveform generator, the instrument uses DDS direct digital synthesis technology to produce accurate, stable, low distortion output signals. Product set function signal generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse signal generator, noise generator, signal measurement, meter, It is especially suitable for electronic enthusiasts, scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprises.
The product uses a 2.4 inch high definition colorful LCD display with good fluency and a rich shortcut key to simplify the operation step. It can control all the functions of the machine and draw arbitrary waveform by using the matched host computer software. 
The communication protocol makes the two development very simple; the large-scale integrated circuit, the surface mount worker makes it has high reliability and long service life. It has the capability of output short circuit protection. All the signal output terminals can work under short-circuit load.

Packing weight: 800g
Product size: 145*95*55mm/5.71*3.74*2.17"

Shell material: Metal

Type: 15MHz US,15MHz EU,30MHz US,30MHz EU,40MHz US,40MHz EU,50MHz US,50MHz EU,60MHz US,60MHz EU.

Performance advantage:
Breakthroughs 1: the ease of use.
The display interface uses a 2.4 inch TFT colorful LCD screen, which can display the pattern of the output waveform (including any waveform), can display the parameters of the two channels at the same time and prompt the current key function. In drawing the display screen, we adjust the size of the character according to the average distance between the human eye and the screen, so that you are in the operation process. Easy to observe, do not bother to look closely at the set parameters.
A wide range of customers have been purchased to communicate, understand the use of the habit after the design of quick buttons, can one button directly to the function you want, greatly simplified the operation steps, without looking at the instructions can complete the operation of 95%;
Support long press OK button after 3 seconds to save the current parameters, the next boot automatically after the transfer.
Breakthrough 2: small signals are particularly good.
The small signal of 2mVpp can be output, the amplitude resolution is 1mV, and the different step values such as 1mVpp, 10mVpp and 100mVpp can be achieved, and the amplitude range 2mVpp-20Vpp can be adjusted continuously.
Breakthrough 3: a wider range of frequency.
The frequency range of the sine wave is 0.01uHz-60MHz, the frequency range of square wave and triangle wave is 0.01uHz-15MHz, the frequency range of other waveforms is 0.01uHz-6MHz, the frequency precision can reach the 10-6 number, the full range frequency resolution 0.01uHz, fully guarantee the accuracy of the output frequency; 14 bit waveform vertical resolution, 266MSa/s waveform sampling. Rate, the waveform is more delicate.
Breakthrough 4: the variety of the waveform is more rich.
There are sine wave, square wave, pulse wave (occupying ratio adjustable), triangular wave, CMOS wave, DC level, partial sine wave, half wave, full wave, positive step wave, anti step wave, noise wave, exponential rise, exponential drop, multi sound wave, Simic pulse, Lorenz pulse and so on. Besides, we can also use our mention. The host computer software provides various user defined waveforms and can store up to 60 arbitrary waves at most.
Breakthrough 5: accurate pulse width adjustable.
The modulation range of the pulse duty ratio is 0.1%-99.9%, accurate to 0.1%, and the pulse width and the periodic time of the pulse are also adjustable, and the adjustment range is 30nS-4000S.
Breakthrough 6: the precision of phase difference is higher.
A fully independent equal performance dual channel (equivalent to two independent signal sources) that matches the channel tracking function, CH2 can track one or more parameters in the frequency, waveform, amplitude, and duty ratio of the CH1; when the tracking function opens, the parameters of the CH2 channel vary with the changes in the CH1 channel (at this time CH1 and CH2 are synchronized) two A channel phase difference 0.0~359.9 degree can be adjusted continuously to 0.1 degrees.
Breakthroughs 7: scavenging is more flexible.
It can sweep two channels independently, and can achieve positive, reverse and round-trip three sweep modes, with linear sweep and logarithmic sweep frequency two sweep modes, sweep time 0.1S-999.9S, scanning start stop can be set arbitrarily within the frequency range.
Breakthrough 8: signal bias is more accurate.
Accurate signal bias function enables the output waveform to move upwards or downwards, the signal offset range: -9.99V to +9.99V, with a resolution of up to 0.01V; an arbitrary CMOS digital level signal with a 0-10V output of 0-10V when the waveform is a "CMOS wave", including a 5V or 3.3VTTL digital level signal. When the waveform is "DC level", the output voltage can be -9.99V to +9.99V DC level signal.
Breakthrough 9: the trigger function is more diverse.
With the function of pulse trigger output, a variety of trigger modes of manual trigger, internal CH2 trigger and external trigger (AC/DC) are optional. The trigger waveform is optional and can output any number of pulses from 1 to 1048575.
Breakthrough 10: the measuring function is more comprehensive.
It can measure the frequency, period, positive pulse width, negative pulse width and duty ratio of the input signal, and all the parameters are displayed on the same interface and do not need to turn back and forth. The gate time 0.01S-10S can be adjusted continuously in the process of measurement to ensure the accuracy and discrimination of the measuring frequency; the counter function has direct current and intersection. Two kinds of coupling measurement methods are used to effectively solve the situation of inaccurate counting of AC coupling; two measurement modes with frequency and meter period, and the frequency range of 1Hz~100MHz are measured.
Breakthrough 11: flexible mode of power supply.
This power supply adopts the DC 5V 2A power adapter, the output interface is 5.5-2.1 standard interface, a brand power adapter with CE and 3C authentication, which is convenient for you to transfer the power supply in the room. In the outdoor, only one mobile power supply can be easily supplied. Compared to the 220V power supply of the same product, it is more flexible, but considering the 220V power supply of the same product. To the user may have other voltage adapters, such as 12V, 18V and so on, there is the possibility of inserting the wrong, this machine built-in power supply protection circuit, inserting the non 5V (within 20V) adapter, this machine automatic protection does not work, when the voltage is restored to normal, the machine can continue to work normally.

Sine wave frequency range:0-15MHZ/0-30MHZ/0-40MHz/0-50MHZ/0-60MHZ
Triangulation wave frequency range /Square wave frequency range:15MHZ
Arbitrary wave frequency green range /TTL digital wave frequency range /Pulse wave frequency:0-6MHZ
Square wave rising time:≤25ns,≤20ns,≤15ns,≤15ns,≤15ns
Minimum resolution of frequency :0.00000001Hz
Protection: all signal outputs can operate under short-circuit load conditions 60s 

Package Content:

1 X Host
1 X Data CD-ROM
1 X BNC Test Line 
1 X Q9 Clip Line 
1 X USB Communication Line 
1 X Power Adapter 

JDS2900 LCD Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Sign Generator Meter
JDS2900 LCD Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Sign Generator Meter
JDS2900 LCD Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Sign Generator Meter
JDS2900 LCD Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Sign Generator Meter
JDS2900 LCD Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Sign Generator Meter
JDS2900 LCD Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Sign Generator Meter