LCD Digital Air Quality Monitor Laser PM2.5 Detector Tester Gas Monitor


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Product Description:

LCD Digital Air Quality Monitor Laser PM2.5 Detector Tester Gas Monitor Gas Analyzer Diagnostic Tool


1. Product appearance is beautiful, body use circular arc design, grip comfort, key flexible, overall proportion balanced, simple and intuitive interface, can fit in the car, office, living room, bedroom, classroom and other indoor or outdoor environment.
2.All sensors are imported or domestic industry top sensors to ensure accurate detection data. Such as: TVOC – Japanese Figaro, temperature and humidity — SENSIRION, CO2 – SENSEAIR, formaldehyde – Weisheng (top of the domestic industry) PM2.5 – panteng (top of the domestic industry).
3. 3.5 inch TFT HD color display, wide viewing angle, angle of view can reach 160 degrees.
4. 3000mAH polymer lithium ion battery, with over current double protection circuit, can be recharged repeatedly, easy to achieve up to 12 hours of endurance (Note: test environment temperature 25 degrees).
5. Match the function of the clock calendar, and let you no longer worry about the pollution data that you can't see at a certain time.
6. The detection function is rich: with PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10 and 0.3um/0.5um/1.0um/2.5um/5.0um/10um particles number, temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC, formaldehyde detection function, users can be selected.
7. Display interface diversification: each sensor display interface, sensor integrated display interface, AQI GB / GB contrast display interface, particle number simultaneous display interface, health suggestion interface, real-time data histogram display interface, data display interface per minute, system setting interface, switch machine Interface (Note: display factory name, two-dimensional code and LOGO and other information, the volume can be customized)
8. Date time setting, users can set the current date time by themselves.
9. Automatic shutdown set the user can set the shutdown time of the product, shutdown time set Court: 10 minutes to 18 hours, the minimum scale of 10 minutes, 0 minutes to be closed.
10. Backlight luminance setting users can adjust the brightness of backlight according to the environment of use, adjust garden circumference: 10% – 100%, in order to achieve energy saving and environmental protection and extend the endurance time.
11. Historical data set, users can view historical data saved by the system.
12. Storage management settings, storage management maximum total space is 65534 historical data, users can self remove.
13. Timing storage set the user to set time storage time, storage time setting Park: 10 minutes to 18 hours, time interval of 10 seconds.
14. Timer cut screen settings, users can set their own time cut screen display function, the time of cutting screen settings: 10 seconds – 600 seconds, 0 seconds for closing.
15. The language selection setting is displayed in two Chinese and English languages. Users can switch and display through the language selection function.

Product material: ABS+TFT-LCD
Product size: 118*84*60mm/4.65*3.31*2.36"
Product weight: 255g
Built-in lithium battery: 3000mAh
Endurance time: 12H
Charging mode: USB power supply; DC5V 1A
Product color: white
Language choice: Chinese and English

Application: widely used in industrial production, hotel stores, office conference rooms, libraries, warehouses, station airports, biopharmaceuticals, home rooms, school laboratories, libraries, hospitals, agricultural production shed and other environmental quality testing.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:

1 X PM2.5 Detector
1 X USB Charging Line
1 X Manual

LCD Digital Air Quality Monitor Laser PM2.5 Detector Tester Gas Monitor
LCD Digital Air Quality Monitor Laser PM2.5 Detector Tester Gas Monitor
LCD Digital Air Quality Monitor Laser PM2.5 Detector Tester Gas Monitor