Magic Shoes Cleaner Ultrasonic Electric Sterilizer Shoe Washer Mini Automatic Portable Polishing Device Shoe Polisher


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1. The machine washes shoes by Static micro-impact, deeply and effectively to clean thestains, sterilization and deodorization, saving time and effort.
2.It is convenient to save time and money, and can wash shoes more than a thousand times compared with the traditional shop cleaning.
3. Micro shock pulse technology, high efficiency purification and sterilization: one-button cleaning in 30 minutes, Sterilization ability achieves above 90%.
4. Micro-pulse hit combined with negative oxygen ions to decompose stains, reject the rough brushing shoes in the past, protect the shoes from deformation.
5. Touch screen control, liberating your hands from now on, this product is specially designed for cleaning and cleaning shoes. When the equipment is running, please stay away from the machine.


Use static micro-punching technology to vibrate waves, so that the cleaning agent can directly act on dirt, disperse, emulsify, strip off dirt, exchange water flow, clean shoes from inside to outside, take away odor, and fresh shoes.
Pulsed oxygen technology can release 3mg/min of oxygen gas dissolved in water, destroy the bacterial cell wall, oxidize and decompose bacteria internal glucose oxidase, thereby killing bacteria. 


Product Describtion:
Rated power :9w
Product size :26x16x38(cm)
Power charging parameters:9v, 1-2A

Package Includes
  • 1 x Shoe Washing Machine