Malachite Liquid Whitening Plant Skin Care Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Essence


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The oligopeptide malachite serum has a good effect on shrinking pores, making the skin more elastic and smoother. It is skin-friendly for most people and does not easily hurt the skin. It will help you have more beautiful skin and make you feel attractive in your daily life. The oligopeptide malachite solution is easily absorbed and can effectively improve skin condition.


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  • Deeply moisturizes skin, soothes and repairs, improves facial fine lines and rough skin, leaving skin clear, delicate and delicate!
  • The long-lasting lock of malachite extract is moisturizing and deeply nourishes the skin, leaving the skin full and moist.
  • The small size and light weight make this pore-reduced serum easy to carry and store, saving space.

Item Type Oligopeptide Malachite Serum
Function Shrink Pores
Capacity 10 ML
Skin Type Suitable For All Skin Type.
Storage Condition Put in A Cool and Dry Place, and Away From Sunlight.

Package Includes
  • 1 x Malachite Serum

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