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1.Hair symptoms: slow hair growth by hair growth are urgently needed, inelastic, tangled hair boring, fragile, rigid against posts, not submissive.2.Ingredients: ginger, ginseng, crazy day, flower root, grape seed oil, flowers and other natural ingredients.3.Dose: Each 100 ml shampoo, add 3 ml, shake evenly.

  • Damaged Hairsmoothereach Drop Of Magic Oilcontains Tiny Penetratingmolecules That Can Deeplynourish The Hair.
  • Accelerategrowthdont Worry About Hairloss All The Time. Thefoundation Of Toughroots Accelerates Hairgrowth.
  • Product has a unique hair conditioner, hair 2-3 times the rate of rapid growth, healthier hair naturally soft.

Model Number Essential Oil
Quantity 1pcs
Ingredient 100% of plant extrac
Item Type Hair Loss Product
Funtion Frizzy Dry Repair
Advantage Long Lasting
Fit Women men
Net Wt 20ml

Package Includes
  • 1 x Hair growth serum

Extra Info

Note: 3 ml per 100 ml shampoo plus essence. It is to increase nutrition to the hair itself is two to four times the growth rate. It happened about 20 days after about four or five times to see significant results.