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1.A powerful mascara for striking effects.2.Creates exceptional long, thick & curly lashes.3.No pulling, tugging or tearing when applied.4.Applying optimal amount of lash mascara with exclusive brush.5.An arched wand that lifts each

  • The cream is densely locked and the brush head is enlarged, and the eyelashes are increased in an instant.
  • Thick and non-caking, clear and tangled, light and tight, no heavy burden.
  • Thick and cool black, all day weather is not blooming, warm water can remove makeup.
  • The roots are distinct and thick and long. 5.A lock is applied, the growth is thickened, and the eye has a big eye makeup.
  • No heavy feeling, anti-caking, don't worry about brushing out the eyelash flies.
  • No blooming, clear water, containing olive oil essence, assist eyelash growth.

Net content 10g
Packing type color box packaging
Packing size 6.8*2.6*16.7cm
Combination details 1 mascara, 1 black eyeliner and 1 brown eyeliner

Package Includes
  • 1 x Mascara Eyeliner Set