Men’s Vintage Oil Head Cream 100g Lasting Styling Zoo Men Hair Styling Oil Wax Hair Gel Retro Modeling Bright Strong Hold Pomade


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This product formulated to keep your hair in place all day long. It combs into your hair easily with it’s creamy consistency and provides a strong grip for a slick back, pompadour, side part or any hairstyle you are rocking. This pomade is water-soluble, washing out with no effort using only water leaving your hair feeling untouched. No special shampoos or soaps are needed for removal. It dries with a medium firmness and medium shine. No flakes and no harsh chemicals.Directions: Apply to DRY hair for less shine and a stronger hold. Apply to DAMP hair for more shine and a lighter holdStart with a quarter sized amount in your palm. Rub product into hands and fingers. Work into hair with fingertips from the roots up. Ensure even distribution of product. Comb to desired style. To remove, simply wash out with water.

  • Easy to use; moisturizing is not greasy, not sticky, can be shaped many times.
  • Soft and unburdened; water soluble, easy to clean.


Package Includes
  • 1 x Hair Wax