MHS-5200A 25MHz Digital DDS Dual-channel Signal Generator


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DDS function signal generator from this series is a multi-functional signal generator with high precision and high performance.It adopts large scale of FPGA integrated circuits, high-speed MCU microprocessor and with high precision oscillator as base in the inner circuit, which make the signals more stable.SMT process can greatly improve the anti-interference and lifetime of the instrument.It has entirely independent dual-channel DDS signal and TTL level output, can generate signals of sine/triangle/square/sawtooth/pulse wave, white noise, etc.This instrument is of great advantage in generating signal, scanning waveform, measuring parameters, etc.It´s an ideal testing or measuring instrument for electronics engineer, electronic laboratory, teaching and researching.

  • Using DDS direct digital synthesis technology to generate precise, stable, low distortion output signal
  • CH1 and CH2 completely symmetrical two channels, each channel can be independently set the parameters
  • Supports user-defined waveform, each arbitrary waveform memory depth 2048*12bits, 200MSa/s sampling rate
  • With pulse trains burst output function,allow the unit to any output 1~1048575 arbitrary pulse trains
  • Measurement functions: 60MHz frequency meter and counter function
  • Signal output amplitude range is 5mVpp- 20Vpp, DC offset adjustment range is -120% to +120%, the resolution is 1%
  • Digital signal output function, CMOS output range 0~10V
  • Waveform generator up to 12 bits wide, the output waveform is more delicate, waveform distortion is low
  • With full CNC functions, display and adjust of current output signal parameters, such as the amplitude, offset, frequency, duty cycle, and the phase difference of two signals
  • After connected with computer, user can control signal generator functions and parameters, and can edit and download arbitrary waveform
  • High frequency accuracy and resolution: frequency accuracy up to 10^(-6) magnitude, total range frequency resolution is 0.01Hz
  • Tracking function: built-in frequency, amplitude, offset, duty cycle, waveform and other parameters follow function, easy to use
  • Scanning features: frequency linear sweep and logarithmic sweep function, start and end points of scanning can be set freely
  • Storage features: can store 16 groups parameters set by the user
  • Operation: key operation, LCD1602 display in English, directly digital setting parameters or continuous adjustment knob
  • Input over-voltage protection:DC5V power supply, insert more than 5V voltage will not damage the machine
  • Output short-circuit protection: all signal output can work above 60s in load short-circuit situation

Model MHS-5200A
Sine Wave 0~25MHz
Square Wave 0~6MHz
Triangle Wave 0~6MHz
Other Waveform 0~6MHz
The Minimum Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Output Impedance 50Ω±10%
Amplitude Range (Peak to Peak) 5mVp-p~20Vp-p
Amplitude 1mVp-p(-20dB Attenuation)10mVp-p(No Attenuation)
Amplitude Stability ±0.5% (3 Hours)
Amplitude Error ± 1%+10mV(Frequency 1KHz, 15Vp-p)
Offset Range -120%~+120%(The Ratio of Signal Amplitude with The Bias Voltage)
Bias resolution 1%
Phase Range 0~359°
Phase Resolution
Output Waveform Types Sine, square, pulse, triangle, ramp, TTL / CMOS digital signal wave, wave signal noise, half-wave signal, full-wave signal, the index rose waveform signal index down waveform signal, multiple audio signals, pulse Sinclair a variety of custom arbitrary waveform signal wave signal, Lorentz pulse signals, DC signals
Output Modulation Frequency sweep, the amplitude of the scan, the scanning duty cycle, burst
Wave Length 2048 Points
Sample Rate 200MSa/s
Waveform Amplitude Resolution 12 Bits
Interface It Uses USB to Serial Interface
Communication Speed 57600bps
Protocol Using the Command Line, Open Protocols
Power Supply DC5V±0.5V
Size 19.5 * 17.5 * 7cm / 7.67 * 6.9 * 2.75in
Weight 542g / 19.12oz
Package Size 25 * 21 * 9.5cm / 9.84 * 8.27 * 3.74in (L * W * H)
Package Weight 950g / 33.23oz

Package Includes
  • 1 x Signal Source Generator
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x TTL Expansion Board
  • 2 x BNC Clips Cable