MoonDrop Fidget Moon Gravity Falls On Mars For Adults Kids Reduce Stress Desktop Science Toy – Silver


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  • MOON GRAVITY DESIGN: Moon Drop imitates the moon gravity. Moondrops slider is free to fall at the right speed, simulating the gravity of the moon or Mars. It is precisely calculated, so the vertical descending slider moves at a similar speed, just like any object on the surface of the moon. The gravity on the moon is 1.6 m/s2, which is only 1/6 of the earth
  • DEVELOP YOUR INTELLIGENCE: What makes it really unique is that it shows a different gravity than the earth. The scientific spirit of the design and production of the use of physical moondrop amazing laws seem to ignore gravity and let you explore the free fall in Mars and Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, a science lover or just love cool gadgets you would like to play it
  • EASY TO USE: Pocket size, you can turn it over, slide it, rotate it, restless, any way you like. Just as we always like in your hand, of course, there is rotation, rolling, sliding, clicking on it, restless, in any way possible. The anti-gravity slider makes it very satisfying to play moondrop
  • USE IT ANYWHERE: It is really a good DIY fidget toy to reduce stress at work or after studying, it can relax you and brainstorm as to ways that it could help you with the problems solved. You can use it at the meeting, at school, at home and anywhere you want, it’s a good way to focus on less than arousal from meaningful work, relieving anxiety or relaxing

Item Fidget MoonDrop
Material Alloy
Color Silver
Product Size 70mm * 30mm * 70mm
Iron Box Size 87mm * 60mm * 20mm
Weight 50g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Fidget MoonDrop Toy