Multi-purpose Facial Brightening High Light Stick Eyeshadow Stick #5 GOLD


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  • Mineral powder delicate skin-affinity: mineral powder grinding, baking, powder color bright clean, clean makeup without creases, not easy to decolorize
  • Two-color collocation style is changeable: two-color collocation, can HOLD live in a variety of makeup or daily, or gorgeous, suitable for multiple venues
  • pearlescent ingredients shiny luster: pearlescent bin to the three-dimensional sense of the eye, through the tension of color, so that the eye has a charm.
  • Good color, good clothing and make-up: even color, good color, waterproof and sweat-proof make-up not easy to dizzy eyes all day show vitality

Brand Music Flower
Name Eyeshadow Stick
Net 1.5 g+1.5g
Gross Weight 0.72oz / 20.5g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Eyeshadow Stick