Music Flower Double Repair Concealer Powder Makeup Oil Control Moisturizing Isolation Repair Foundation – 03


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Create the transparent and light foundation spreadingout comfortable fragrance brng smooth skin to you , the beautful makeupeffect will be last for a long time and scratched easily.
How TO USE :
1.Dab over the face, then blend with sponge.
2.smoothingoutwards from the center of the face

  • Natural minerals, adjust water-oil balance and keep healthy
  • Multiple grinding technology, fine grinding, fine powder presentation, transparent effect
  • Spherical particles, multi-angle refraction of natural light, delicate as smoke
  • Clean and traceless, oil absorption and water absorption, no flotation powder, no clogging of pore

Brand Name Music Flower
Net Content 8g
Single Product Pack Weight 71.5g
Net Weight of Single Product 54.5 g
Package type Color Box Packaging
Single Product Size 7.7cm*1.6cm
Single Product with Package Size 8.2cm*8.1cm*2.8m

Package Includes
  • 1 x Concealer Powder

Extra Info

Product efficacy:
1.Non-Floating Powder, Photosensitive Particles, Brighten Skin Lightly breathable, allowing skin to breathe freely.
2.Ultrafine micro-molecule, fine powder, not clogging pore Invisible powder, transparent effect, light and traceless.
3.Soft texture, silty easily not pushed away.
4.Soft touch, even powder, make-up dressing.
Usage method:
1. use the thumb and middle finger to hold the sponge into U, and use the seesaw method to get the powder back and forth.
2. Press the powder-soaked sponge on your face, and the moist texture will fit your skin very well. The less powder in the T-shaped part which is easy to produce oil, the better.
3. there are spots, dark and other local defects, sponge can be used to remove the powder, then patted the way to modify
Talc, Mica, aolin, Paraffinum Liquidum isopropylMyristate, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Perfume, Iron Oxides CI77489/C177491C177492/C177501