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This Product Includes 1 N2 Elite NFC Module AND 1 N2 Elite USB Module N2Elite is a NFC module currently supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines. With our supplied Android app, you can transfer onto your Amiiqo any Amiibo image you possess. The image can be from a ‘blank’ (new, unplayed) figurine but also from a Amiibo that was already levelled up or with power-ups, making it a super effective cheat system. What you need to do: Simply place the N2 Elite instead of the Amiibo on the console to load up the last used figurine. You can switch to the next stored figure by simply pushing and holding the Amiiqo’s button prior to placing on console. Storage banks order and range can all be configured with the help of our app. With N2 Elite you can have ALL existing Amiibo’s including the rarest ones easily accessible with only 1 device, this way you can progress much much faster. N2 Elite is the ultimate Amiibo collection in the palm of your hand. What more can you expect from N2 Elite? Scheduled to come from N2 Elite are features such as, added compatibility, cheat system and new transfer/control methods & apps. Features: ? Stores up to 200 characters ! ? Easy push button to effortlessly change characters ? Save your collector’s items in mint condition, for ever ! ? Family sharing of characters ! ? Backup multiple save states of your favorite character ! ? Play multiple games with one character ! (just back it up into 2 N2 Elite slots !!! ) ? Android compatible Compatible with: ? SWITCH ? WII U ? NEW 3DS ? NEW 3DS XL ? 2DS N2 Elite USB Module This accessory allows to transmit with Amiibo module from a computer without the need of an NFC-enabled Android smartphone to transfer your figurines. Key features : ? Amiibo USB to NFC Reader / Writer ? Allows USB connection of Amiibo to the computer ? Supports all versions of PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10? OS ? USB cable included ? Amiibo NOT INCLUDED

  • In identification and data exchange with compatible devices over short distances

Memory Flash NFC
Applicable Products 3DS, Wii U, Switch

Package Includes
  • 1 x NFC
  • 1 x USB Cable