Natural Horse Hair Beard Brush Hair Brush Bath Brush with Wooden – Burlywood


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1. Always dry brush your dry and naked body before your shower or bath because you can wash off the dead skin cells after.
2. Skin brushing should be performed once a day,preferably first thing in the morning.
3. Generally stroke upward in one motion;work from left to right side of the body.
4. Brush strokes repeated 7 times per area of the body.5.Adjust pressure to your comfort levels.

  • Use as a body brush:stimulate the lymphatic system and increase blood flood;carry away metabolic waste and toxins.helpful for improving skin softness and texture,tightens the skin.
  • Use as a beard brush:brush facial hair,improve hair texture and massage scalp ,stimulates the skin of underneath to the skin,stimulate the sweat gland and the hair follicle to promote the blood circulation of the hair root.the beard is meshed with the scalp scales of the mane,which can effectively remove the dust.and make the squid flakes of the arched beard smooth,make your beard more healthy and shine.
  • Use as a hair brush:use as retro head brush.
  • Use as a shoes brush(or leather products):Grey removal, shoe polishing, polishing, no damage to the leather.

Color Burlywood
Size 18.5*5.5cm
Thickness 3cm
Weight 54g
The brush made with black horse hair andbeech handle horsehair ——it issoft

Package Includes
  • 1 x Hair Brush