Percussion Double Row Metal Round Musical Tambourine Instruments Rocking Drum Band / Church / Party / Wedding / Party – Blue


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We´d love to share you this round tambourine, it is using high-quality stainless steel bells, the sound is crisp and sweet, the bells are fixed with screws, not easy to fall off, the film is die-casting process, one time molding, not easy to deform, less vibration when hitting, small overtone, crisp and bright sound.

  • Pleasant Sound: High quality stainless steel bells are used to make a crisp and pleasant sound. The bells are fixed with screws and are not easy to fall.
  • Less Vibration: When hitting, there is less vibration and little overtone. The sound is sharp and bright and the drum cavity thickens.
  • Lightweight Tambourine: Lightweight and portable, easy to carry around.
  • Wide Use: Designed for the matching instrument of sound and dance music. A good accompaniment musical instrument for dancing, singing, parties, karaoke, kids games, music class, church worship, etc.
  • Suitable occasions: Great for gifts and family or group crafting projects.
  • A Molding: The molding is done once and the sound of the tambourine can be adjusted according to your needs.

Product Name Round Tambourine
Size 26.8×5.5 cm
Color Blue

Package Includes
  • 1 x Hand Tambourine,1 x Key

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