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The cat is elegant and cute and is one of the most pets in the world.People with cats know that cats are not completely domesticated like dogs, so they are very independent, even if they are alone, they can have a good time.So some owners bought toys for cats, but they didn't often play with cats.In fact, don't look at the cat's surface is very indifferent, its heart is also very eager to accompany.Therefore, you need this quality fairy teasing cat stick.The texture of the stick is high quality PVC, safe and non-toxic, very durable, not afraid of being bitten by a cat.The texture of the hairballs and tassels is soft polyester, not afraid of hurting the cat's claws while playing.At the same time, this teasing cat stick is very beautiful, with crystal beads filled, and a bell, like a fairy wand, can make you and cats more fun.If you love the cat, then buy this fairy teasing cat stickt to play with your cat!

  • With it, enjoy the fun of raising cats.
  • Arouse cat interest, the owner can play with the cat.
  • Distract the cat from attention, with the companionship of the toy, will not scratch the furniture.
  • Teach the cat's good helper.

Material PVC polyester
Color Pink, Blue, Purple
Size stick 35cm, tassel 20cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Fairy Teasing Cat Stick