PH Meter for Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Analyzer PH/Temp Tester Tool


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Product Description:

High Precision PH Meter for Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Analyzer PH &TEMP Tester Household Drinking Solution Measure Tools
1. Multi-parameter instrument, PH electrode, conductance electrode, the instrument will automatically identify the electrode after inserting the electrode, easy to use.
2.Built-in microprocessor chip with intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, function setting, self-diagnosis information, automatic shutdown and low voltage display.
3. Digital filtering and slip technique are used to improve the response speed and the accuracy of measurement data, and display icons when the measured values are stable.
4. 13 kinds of pH standard buffer solutions are identified automatically. There are three series of standard buffers: European and American series NIST series and Chinese series.
5. Pure water pH measurement mode and ammonia added pure water pH measurement mode can be set up. For these two special pH measurement modes, not only the conventional slope compensation, but also the non-linear temperature compensation of the pH value of the solution can greatly improve the accuracy of the measurement. Especially suitable for electricity, petrochemical and other industries.
6. By adopting advanced automatic frequency conversion and automatic voltage regulation technology, the measuring range of conductance electrode of constant K=1 is expanded by 10 times, and the measurement precision requirement in the range of 0-100 mS/cm can be satisfied with only a little calibration. It is unique a point calibration function of this instrument.
7. Automatic identify 8 electric conductivity standard solutions, there are two series of standard solutions to choose: European and American series and China series.
8, Automatic select conductivity measurement range: For less than 10μS/cm high pure water and pure water,the instrument will automatically nonlinear temperature compensation, greatly improving the high purity water conductivity measurement accuracy,especially suitable for the use of electricity, microelectronics and medical industry.
9. The instrument board adopts SMT patch technology to improve the reliability of product processing.
10. LCD display with blue backlight.
11. The instrument conforms to IP57 dust proof and waterproof level.

Range: pH 0.00-14.00
       TEMP: -50°C-70°C (-58°F ~ 158°F)
Resolution: pH 0.01
       TEMP: 0.1°C(0.2°F)
Accuracy: pH ± 0.1
       TEMP: ±1.0°C(±2.0°F)
Power supply: DC 6V
Temperature Compensation: 0℃-50℃
Operating Temperature: 0-50℃
Size: 75 X 55 X 28 mm/2.95 X 2.17 X 1.1"

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:

1 X PH Meter
1 X EU Charging Cable

PH Meter for Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Analyzer PH/Temp Tester Tool
PH Meter for Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Analyzer PH/Temp Tester Tool
PH Meter for Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Analyzer PH/Temp Tester Tool