PL99 G318 RF Signal Detector CDMA Signal Detector High Sensitivity Detection Hiding Camera Lens / GPS Locator(US plug)


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G318 uses German advanced technology. Suitable for all kinds of Bug. Car Tracker. Wireless pinhole camera. Undercover mobile phone software. Casinos fraud instruments. Function to meet the military police monitoring. Detect the power. You and your family from electromagnetic Radiation damage. It uses a digital receiver. Unlike other detectors. Expanded the detection frequency range. To avoid the interference of clutter signals. Second is to improve the sensitivity. No matter how strong the signal. Can be easily positioned by adjusting the knob. The most advanced portable wireless signal detection equipment. Ordinary wireless detector can not detect the CDMA signal. If you dial through China Telecom. Ordinary detector will not alarm. Because the CDMA mobile phone protocol is the US military. It is a radio frequency Frequency hopping technology called CDMA is hard to detect. Since the G318 is a CDMA mobile communication protocol that accurately identifies monitoring equipment

Model G318
Material aluminum alloy
Voltage 3.7V1500MA 4 working current: 60MA
Continuous work 15-25 hours
Battery Type Lithium polymer battery
Frequency 1MHZ-8000MHZ
Detection Range "73Db
Detection sensitivity "0.03mw
Detection range 2.4GHZ wireless camera .10 ㎡ (standard 10MW camera) 1.2GHZ wireless camera. 15 ㎡ (standard 10mw camera)
Mobile phone signal 2G / 3G / 4G; 3-5 square
Indication 9-level LED glow instructions / tone adjustment instructions

Package Includes
  • 1 X Detector
  • 1 X Antenna
  • 1X In English manual
  • 1 X US regulatory charger (AC100-240V)