Portable Foldable Standing Chair Sitpack Seat Adjustable Stand-up Leaning Seat – Black


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Portable Travel Seat is unique for outdoor events like hiking, theme parks, concerts and camping. This small light foldable chair attaches to bags, pocket or stroller. The lightweight ergonomic fold-up seat is collapsible and perfect for commuting, golf, backpacking.Standing in lines and walking around amusement parks is a killer on the legs and feet. Recall when you would sit just about anywhere including a rail, planter box or the nasty ground.

  • Spiral contracting, portable and perfect combination for carrying.
  • Lightweight and great load bearing, max capacity up to 100kg.
  • Bottom anti-slip design, crush resistant, durable and firm, provides an ultra safe grip on everything from grass and dirt to tile and hardwood.
  • Multi use in various ocns, such as waiting, daily activities.
  • Retractable and folding, meeting different needs of height, free adjustment to your level.
  • Outdoor Sporting events are a time when standing is required to see the event. Carrying chairs and arranging seating can be burdensome if not impossible, due to space limitations. Portable Seat eliminates those problems with its small mobile size and small footprint during use.The seat also works well for the baby boomer generation who have more time for traveling and seeing the world.
  • User′s guidance: Waiting,Queue up, Fishing, Party, Daily leisure and so on.Use anywhere Magine the ability to rest your feet, back and legs when standing in the one hour and two hour long lines at the amusement park. The ability to do so has now arrived. Ergonomic working conditions including standing desks are becoming more popular. Portable Seat makes a great supplement to your standing desk.

Material Polycarbonate
Length adjustment range 72cm – 63cm
Weight 100 kg
Packing size 168 * 70 * 70mm
Product size 168 * 65 * 65mm
Gross weight 600 g
Net weight 564 g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Folding stool