Portable Multiuse UV Sterilizer Disinfector Smartphone Sanitizer for Phone Watch and Jewelry – White


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  • The sterilizer and sanitizer features an improved design, for better cord management and easier use
  • Fits and charges almost any phone
  • Close the cover, the device will start automatically

Rated Input Micro 5V/1A
UV Wavelength 254nm
Working Temperature 0-55℃
Maximum Power 5W
UV Light Power 2Wx2
Maximum Overall Dimension 200x118x45mm
Maximum Sterilizing Space 170x90x22mm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Multiuse UV Sterilizer

Extra Info

1. Please use the adapter to be connected to power supplies
2. Please put articles to be sterilized into the device
3. Close the cover, the device will start automatically. The flicker of red indicator light is expressed in disinfec