Quick Bottle Opener Stainless Steel Jar Opener Tools for 1-4 inches Jars & Bottles


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A magic jar opener, also gifts for mom, gifts for grandma and sweet gifts for those with weak or arthritis hands
The steel teeth on the clamp grab the edge of the stubborn lid tightly and hold it the entire time you are twisting. Easily opens most jars with a simple twist!

This is a useful jar opener lid openers for seniors arthritis with weak hands, it can open many kinds of jars, such as spice jars, food jar, and many more jarred foods, just for cooking & everyday use!

 Hard to Open Stubborn Lids? Try This One!
  This jar opener allows you to easily open most small water bottles and wide mouth jars. It uses a ratchet-type mechanism to grip a jar or bottle lid. It grips the jar lid tightly as you turn the handle counterclockwise and loosens the lid as you turn the handle clockwise.
Compact Simple Design
It weighs 4.4 ounces and it´s easy to bring it anywhere when you have a picnic or an outdoor party. Easy to store in the kitchen shelf without taking up too much space.
Ergonomically Designed Handle
The white hard plastic handle is ergonomic and fits most hands. The handle is 3.6" length and 0.9" diameter. 
 Perfect Tool to Open Jars and Bottles

Here´s How It Works:

Step 1 Turn the handle clockwise until it fits the outside of the lid.
Step 2 Turn the handle anticlockwise until the steel teeth grab the lid tightly.
Step 3 Hold the jar with one hand while anticlockwise twisting the handle with another hand.
Step 4 Easily Open the jar! Enjoy it!

 Easily Open the Jar with A Simple Twist

Q. How large a lid will this actually work with?

A. Kichwit jar opener is suitable for jars and bottles with lids between 1" and 3.7" in diameter, so it works great for small and medium lids.

 Q. Does it work for plastic lids?
A. Yes, of course. It works for jars and bottles that have a twist style cap or lid, no matter if the lids are made of metal or plastic.

Q. Does it work for arthritic hands?

A. Yes, it is a very useful tool for arthritic hands. However, if your both hands have very severe arthritis, this may not work for you. It is a manual jar opener that needs both hands. When you use this jar opener, you need one hand to twist the handle and the other hand to hold the jar steadily.


Package Includes
  • 1 x Bottle Opener