Quick Fix Car Cracked Glass Windshield Repair Tool Kit for Long Crack and Broken Combination Crack


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This Windshield Repair Kit allows anyone to fix long crack or broken combination crack in windshields. Safely, easily and inexpensively, save your time and money. It removes air from the break, fills it with durable resin and makes it even stronger than before. It helps you minimize the appearance and stop the spread of chips and cracks in your windshield. For best results, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs and before the break is contaminated by dirt or water. Prepare one in advance for the emergency need!

  • Widely Use: Suitable for repairing various of damage caused by traffic accidents, impact, collisions, bump, etc., especially for long crack and broken combination crack. Practical car glass repair tool kit for all wise car owners.
  • Easy to Operate: Clean and dry the windshield glass surface and then squeeze the resin into the cracks. Put on the cured film, then quickly dry and solidify under ultraviolet light 5-10 mins. Scrape off the residual resin with a spatula.
  • Fast Repair: It can quickly and easily repair small cracks chips only in 20-30 minutes. Prevents damage from spreading, restores windshield to near new condition. Long-lasting maintenance effect. Save your money and time.
  • Upgrade Repair Fluid: Upgraded up to 20PA shear strength, non-yellowing resin that is five times stronger than glass, fill the air cavity with a strong penetrating adhesive that will bond the loose glass and restore the visibility, creates an invisible.
  • Vacuum Design: It have vacuum function to quickly remove air from the crack. can helps you minimize the appearance to achieve better repair effects.
  • Safe: Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use. All material without chemicals or toxic material.
  • Warm Tip:
  • As soon as damage occurs, cover area with Transparent Tape to keep moisture and dirt from entering the damaged area.
  • The damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent small cracks from spreading.
  • Avoid using in direct sunlight. Work in a shaded area.
  • Do not allow the resin to come into contact with the car's painted finish, wiper blades or plastic trim as this may cause damage.

Material ABS Silicone
Repair Liquid Material Resin
Size 220*110*25mm/8.66*4.33*0.98inches
Weight 51g/1.79ounces

Package Includes
  • 4 x Suction Cup
  • 1 x 2ml Bottle of Resin Repair Fluid
  • 1 x Blade
  • 1 x Curing Film

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