Real Dandelion Crystal Necklace Silver Chain Round Pendants Handmade Inspirational Gifts


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The legend comes to life with this whimsical necklace, whispering your deepest dream to the universe. Close your eyes and wish, they said, as dandelions will make it come true. Or just blend yourself with this pure beauty. A delicate touch to your outfit that promises to shine.Dandelions symbolize wishes, losses, memories, and hope. From the very young children to their elderly grandparents, everyone has a memory of blowing dandelions and making a wish. No matter where the seeds are blown to they always seem to grow where planted.Fortunately, every dandelion seed we find is pretty special. However they are all slightly different. We can promise you that it will be beautiful, and uniquely yours – one of a kind – and nobody else will have a pendant that looks just like your wish!

Style Cute/Romantic Material: Glass Chain Type: Link Chain Pendant Size: 1 inch Round Length: 23.5 inches long

Package Includes
  • 1 x Dandelion Crystal Necklace