Resveratrol Condensation Whitening Moisturizing Repair Mask


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  • Efficacy: mild gel formula, gentle and refreshing, effectively remove skin keratin, especially add Hamamelis extract, nourish and regulate skin, shrink pores, and maintain skin smooth and tender.
  • Whitening and Light Printing, Whitening and Brightening Skin, Brightening Skin Color
  • It can promote collagen proliferation, firm skin, smooth fine lines, whiten, light spots, and inhibit melanin. At the beginning of use, it can obviously feel the skin become more shiny and shiny, and can also shrink pores, reduce acne. It is the best antioxidant maintenance, but most importantly, it can also prevent skin cancer. Opportunities, for the skin often exposed to the sun, both men and women should use.
  • Resveratrol containing vitamin C can kill pathogenic bacteria, reduce acne caused by bacterial infection, and fade the pigmented scars left by acne.
  • Strong antioxidant, refreshing texture, fast absorption, Moisturizing

Supplier No. 8048
Net Content 3.53oz / 100g
Size 6.9*6.9*4.1cm
Gross Weight 4.41oz / 125g
Packing Color box packaging
Material Plastic
Outer box size 22*25cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Facial Mask