SD SID-GJ2C 0-300V Output All Size LED LCD TV Backlight Tester Meter Tool Lamp Beads Board Detect Repair Tool


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1. Free and easy to use for the LED backlight tester! Not burning light! Applicable to any size LED TV backlight inspection and maintenance!!2. LED LCD TV screen backlight problems are getting increasingly common. As we know, slight voltage cha

  • High Brightness No Disassemble More Accurate
  • Double Isolated Safe Protection
  • Voltage and Current Intelligent Adjustment
  • Voltage Range:0-300V (slow boost safety design of soft start)

Model No SID-GJ2C
Input Voltage 85-265V International General
Output Voltage 0-300V
Dimensions 85*45mm

Package Includes
  • 1 x TD 0-300V Output Voltage All Size LED LCD TV Backlight Tester
  • 2 x Table pen

Extra Info

Main Application:

Testing the backlight of LED at any size Display the voltage, It can be tested in a long time, and will not damage the lamp beads .
If you are used to test the LED finished lamps, please disconnect the power supply before! Because it is likely to form a loop, resulting in abnormal test!

Additional Application:

1 Can test the capacitance voltage
2 Can test the regulator voltage regulator
3 Lamp lamp plate voltage test value