Secure Smart Fingerprint Lock Kit Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password


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Secure Intelligent Door Lock Kit Fingerprint Lock Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password with Thickness 30-60mm Door Handle LS9

Product Description:
LS9 fingerprint door lock can directly replace spherical locks, with stable performance, powerful functions and flexible and convenient use. 
All passwords and fingerprints are deleted and prepared by users themselves to minimize security vulnerabilities. 
This door lock is suitable for modern offices, office buildings, senior residential apartments, villas and so on.

Chip: Unified American TI Corp. produces a dedicated chip that opens in less than a second from fingerprint reading to fingerprint identification.
Fingerprint reading head: living biological fingerprint identification, non-reproducible, safer, more accurate identification, about 1 million acquisition head sensor, fingerprint identification less than 0.5 seconds, false rejection rate less than 0.0001%, can identify 6-year-old children's fingerprint, prism concave and convex platform design: waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof.
Safety alarm: equipped with 4 X AA batteries, available for one year, peripheral 9V emergency power supply interface, low-voltage prompt replacement of batteries.
Password button, anti-fingerprint residue, safer, password input error three times, will alarm, and automatically lock the keyboard, at this time the fingerprint is willing to use normally, without pressing any key, the thickness of a minute automatically unlocked.
The design is generous, the radian is beautiful, the military industry injection molding is integrated, the whole colored pattern is finalized and will never fade.
Conceal mechanical key hole, locking surface is no hole appearance design.
Proprietary intellectual property rights: patented clutch ensures durability of door locks.
Close the door and lock it immediately to prevent theft from forgetting to lock it. Free handle design to prevent damage to internal components by pressing the handle.
Normally open function, do not need to print fingerprints at any time.
International standard single lock tongue, 60-70mm adjustable design
There are many small tools installed in the package, DIY design, which can also be installed easily.
Each product is accompanied by a Chinese and English installation instructions.

Unlock mode: fingerprint + password + standby key
Fingerprint users: 120 fingerprints (10 main controls, 90 commonly used, 20 temporary)
Password user: 1 sets of emergency passwords
Power requirements: 4 X AA alkaline batteries
Fingerprint sensor type: optical biometric fingerprint
Fingerprint resolution: 500DPI (recognizable fingerprints for 6 year old children)
Fingerprint recognition time: less than 0.5 seconds.
Refusal rate (rejection of false fingerprint probability): < 0.0001%
Low power reminder function: low voltage reminder function
Main material: plastic
Lock tongue material: stainless steel.
Surface treatment: painted sculpture
Automatic locking: closing door is locked.
Suitable for door type: wooden doors and composite doors.
Gate thickness; between 30-60 mm/1.18-2.36"
Standby power: 9V external backup power supply (not supplied)
Standby current: 15uA-30uA
Action current: 200mA
Working environment: working temperature: -15 – 50℃humidity: RH (45~85)%
Size: 153*71.2*50mm/6.02*2.8*1.97"
Weight: 950g
Material: ABS+ stainless steel
Packing: color box packaging

Matters needing attention:
This product has no waterproof function and is strictly prohibited for outdoor use.
Installation requirements:
Wooden doors without holes can be installed normally.
Replacement of traditional spherical door locks.
Suitable for door thickness between 30-60mm.
The handle can be swapped around, and there is no problem of opening the door.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:

1 X Front Panel
1 X Rear Panel
1 X Fixed Plate
2 X Protective Mats
2 X Lock Tongues
1 X Button Box
1 X Gusset Plate
1 X Adjusting Screw
1 X Hexagon Wrench
2 X Spring Coils
1 X Square Bar
15 X Screw Accessories
1 X File
1 X Screwdriver
1 X Bit
1 X Manual

Secure Smart Fingerprint Lock Kit Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password
Secure Smart Fingerprint Lock Kit Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password
Secure Smart Fingerprint Lock Kit Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password
Secure Smart Fingerprint Lock Kit Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password
Secure Smart Fingerprint Lock Kit Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password
Secure Smart Fingerprint Lock Kit Optical Fingerprint+Mechanical Password