Skin Smoothing Cream Beauty Yan Qiong Effectively Removes Stretch Marks Scars Anti-aging Anti-wrinkle Firming


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High Quality Smooth Skin Cream For Stretch Marks Scar Removal To Maternity Skin Repair Body Cream Remove Scar Care Postpartum Usage: after skin cleaning, apply proper amount required parts, repair cream smear on skin with moderate massage until completely absorbed, tie-in appropriate essential oils, use effect is better, suggest 2-3 times a day.

  • Designed for production before and after the mummy skin, contains many kinds of plant essence and nutritional ingredients repair, soft and delicate texture, easy to absorbed by skin, give skin moisturizing care, helps smooth the skin, improve relaxation dull, rough Fine lines and other skin problems, make skin bright Ze Yingrun, restore delicate smooth skin.

Net content 35g
Weight 65.3g
Product size 5.8×5.7×5.4cm 4.Product Date: 3 years

Package Includes
  • 1 x Skin Smoothing Cream