Synthetic Skin-like Blank Tattoo Practice Skin for Needle Machine Supply – 15*20*0.3cm


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  • Help beginners quickly raise the level of tattoo
  • Synthetic material, safe, without harmful substances
  • Flexible, an authentic feel
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced artists
  • Makes the work of a tattoo artist easier

Material Silicone
Product Size 15x20x0.3cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Tattoo Practice Fake Skin

Extra Info

Cautions in Tattoo

Please confirm the instrument and supplies of tattoo shop are sterile. The tattoo artist should wear disposable gloves. It is advised to use the needles and machines made of stainless steel.
Please learn about the quality of tattoo pigments. Liquid plant pigments soaked in alcohol are used in modern tattooing instead of dyes and inks. The plant pigments extracted from natural plants can reduce infections after penetration into the skin.

How to protect yourself. Epinephrine can be used to clean the tattoo and stop bleeding in the tattooing process. To reduce infections and even skin rot after the tattoo is done, you have to clean the wound with warm water and keep it dry for one week.
Animal blood or vermilion can′t be used in tattoos, and pigeon blood mixed vermilion may endanger your life
Alcohol or gentian violet liquid can′t be used to handle the wound (alcohol to irritate the wound, and gentian violet liquid to ruin the image)
Special tattoo cream or Vaseline should be used after tattoo is done. Clean the cream and blood with warm water in 2-3 hours, and dry it with absorbent cotton or special towel. No other medicines needed later
It is normal to involve with itching, scabbing, and peeling. In case infection and color fading, it is advised not to scrap the wound. Wear soft and loose underwear.
Don′t go to saunas and swimming pool during the aftercare time.
Please consult your artist or go to hospital promptly if the signs and symptoms appear, such as high fever, non-healing problem, the wound becoming festering and purulent, etc.