Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Mouse Rat Cockroach Control Rejector Anti Mosquito Repellent – EU Plug


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Our new ultrasonic pest repellent uses the latest ultrasonic chip & technology, double power = double guarantee, which provides longer lasting effect on repelling the annoying pests. The rodent repellent changes the frequency sounds automatically so that rodents are unable to adapt to any sounds. Work well on mouse, cockroach, spider, bedbug, mosquitoes, insect, rat, rodent, flies, ant, fleas and more pests.

  • Latest Ultrasonic Technology with Upgraded Chip: Adopting the latest ultrasonic chip to impact mice, rats, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, ant, flies, mosquitoes on their hearing and nervous system to make them unpleasant and uncomfortable, which will drive them away from your home and make them don’t dare to come close to your home any more. What’s more, this pest repellent won't kill the pests.
  • Safe & Eco-Friendly: The electronic pest repellent is designed for environmental protection and 100% safe for human. Ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and household pets. Safe for children & pets. An Environmentally friendly alternative to harmful and dangerous chemicals, poisons and traps. Won't cause harm or leave nasty dead insects or rodents behind for you to deal with.
  • Energy-Saving: Costs less than $10 a year in electricity, but can save hundreds in dangerous pesticide spraying.
  • Easy to Use and Install: Simply plug in our ultrasonic pest repeller, It works when you notice the hazy glow. This machine should be installed 80-120 cm away from the floor, and no other obstacles around within 1 meter.
  • Coverage Area: The maximum coverage of our ultrasonic pest repeller is up to 80 square meter. Due to the solid walls will weaken the effect of ultrasonic wave, we suggest using 1 unit per average-sized room with a pest problem. Additional units will be required in larger areas.
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, store, house, warehouse, garage home, apartment, shed, tenants and more.
  • Effect Process:
  • 3-5 days: Mice, cockroaches are eager to interfere with their physiological and nervous systems because of the ultrasound, the creatures hidden in the dark will be forced out.
  • 2-4 weeks: Receive the best result.
  • 1 month later: completely cleared ( depends on the range of pests).
  • Forever: Daily Family Environmental Protection.


Type Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Material ABS
Plug EU Plug
Voltage AC 100V-240V
Power 3W
Coverage Area 80-120 Square Meters/ 860-1200 sq.ft
Size 10*6.4*5cm(approx.)
Color White + Blue

Package Includes
  • 1x Ultrasonic Repeller