Universal Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Module For Micro USB Cell Phone – Type A (Narrow Interface Up)


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1. Ultra thin design, compact and portable, without increasing additional weight of the mobile
2. Energy card can be attached at the phone all the time without removing it frequently and would not interrupt the normal use
3. Minimal impact on cost without needing to purchase external wireless power accessories or integrated modules into the device
4. Easy to assemble and disassemble ~ only 3 steps: Take off the back cover ~ plug in the micro usb head ~ put on the back cover
5. This receiver needs to work with Qi wireless charging pad (not included). It is only can be used with Qi standard charging pad
6. WPC Qi compliant wireless receiver special design for mobiles using the micro usb head. This is the most efficient way for device to become wireless

  • Plug in the micro USB of the phone, then place the coli above the battery and close the back cover
  • Make sure that your mobile is using charge cable with micro USB head and it is located at the centre of the mobile
  • Rechargeable machines with QI flag placed in the charging area
  • Place it to the charging area after charging
  • If no charging occurs; adjust the position to be charged

Type of Interface Narrow Interface Up
Suitable Android Devices
Charging Type Battery (One-to-one Charging )
AC/DC Adapter Input 100-240v 50/60Hz
Charging Frequency 100-200KHz
Power Distance 5mm
Output 1000mA
Input 5V-2A
Color Black
Dimension 69*44mm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Qi Wireless Charging Receiver