VAG/PRO CAN BUS+UDS+K-line S.W Version 5.5.1 VCP OBD2 Car Scanner Tool


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Product Description:

Language: English, Czech, Danish, German, Hrvatski, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese

Main Features of VAG PRO:
Unique features OCLF service procedures (One-Click-Function);
inexpensive flasher for VAG;
inexpensive flasher with support UDS controllers;
ESP MK60EC1 decision coding blocks;
a tool for a complete diagnosis MQB platform (for Golf VII, for Octavia III) Support to 01.2013;
ZDC-loading containers in the electronic components;
Unlock video in motion (VIM) on the MQB platform (Discover Pro and MMI-MQB);
Coding controllers for PR-codes;
"Login finder" – allows you to scan and logins in the CAN controllers UDS;
Support for the new Polo in 2014 Facelift;
Support for the new Passat B8;
Full support of Audi TT-3 on the platform of the IBC;
Full support for Skoda Fabia III

New in Version 5.5.1:
Support for new addresses entered in the MLB-Evo platform
Update database-ODX (support for all models 2015)

Major Changes in the PR encoder:
Now it is possible to keep PR-codes of a file
PR-self-sustaining encoder may select codes known PR-analysis of current data stored in the ECU
You can compare the data stored in the ECU against the calculated data, choose what you want to download.
OCF"Activating automatic folding mirrors", the problem is illuminated space around the machine solved – Thanks Ciamardo /
The new team in the Scripter: GetCardSerial, returns the current smart card number. You can use it to prepare a script that will run only on these smartcards.
Enhanced TXT-coding, coding calculation is now faster APDUs.
Updated data base DTC- Fixed problems with parameterization 7N0 cameras
Fixed problems with parameterization 5M0 …… F AFS modules
OCF new section called "Apps", which is: Download the parameter data, coding for PR-code, BCM, and so forth programmer..
The new procedure OCF "FlashFile Dumper" – can extract content from Flash files (*.SGO, * .FRF, * .ODX) in a binary dump. Note: The source data format is not changed, so that if a Flash file kriptovat and compressed, the binary file will be the same.
Fixed an issue in the Gateway Sheet MLB-EVO (B7 II, A4 B9) – not all ECU were available through the Gateway.
Updated database of error codes (added more than 200 new codes, including the MQB / MLB-EVO platform)
New Firmware v.1.1 for interfaces (04.0D / 02.04) v.2.0 (0A.04 / 0B.04) to support new protocols (TCP-IP) used on the MLB-EVO platform
Fixed a connection problem with the address 46 (room unit) on the MLB-EVO (B9 A4 / Q7 4M) platform
Reduced time delays during the loading of large data blocks in the non-flash modes.
This contributes to a more stable connection when connected directly to the ECU (Direct Connect), popular among fans VAG.

Applicable car models:
1. For Audi
A2 2009-
A3 8P 2003-
A3 – platform MQB-
A4 model 8E wariant B7 (Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, park) 2005-
A4 model 8K wariant B8 (UDS + TP2.0) 2008-
A5 model 8K (UDS) 2007-
A6 model 4F 2004-
A8 model 4E 2003-
Q3 (UDS) 2010-
Q5 (UDS) 2008-
Q7 (TP2.0 + UDS) 2006-
S5 model 8K
(R)S6 model 4F
R8 (UDS)
TT model 8J 2007-

2. For Mercedes:For Sprinter (VW Crafter) – – Only the engine and immobilizer

3. For Seat
For Altea
For Leon MQB 2013-
For Leon model 1P 2005-
For Toledo model 5P 2004-
For Exeo 2008- (Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, park)

4. For Skoda
octavia model 1Z 2004 –
octavia platform MQB –
superb II B6 2008-
fabia model 5J 2007-
yeti 2009-

5. For Volkswagen
For Crafter (immobilizer, engine)
For Caddy model 2K 2005-
For Eos
For Golf V model 1K
For Golf VI model 5K
For Golf VII platform MQB
For Golf Plus
For Jetta II model 1K
Transporter / Multivan (Only after the CAN-BUS drive for storing data)
Multivan/Transporter GP model 7E (UDS) 2009-
For Passat B6 model 3C 2005-
For Passat CC-
For Phaeton GP 2007-
For Polo model 6R 2009-
For Polo FL MQB 2014-
For Scirocco III-
For Touran-
For Tiguan-
For Touareg GP 2007-
For Touareg NF 2010

6. K-line ( KWP1281, TP/KWP2000)
For VW Golf III, IV 
For VW Passat 3B 
For VW Bora 
For VW Transporter T5
For VW New Beetle 
For Skoda Octavia I 
For Skoda Fabia i i II
For Seat Leon I 
For Seat Toledo II 
For Seat Alhambra 
For Seat Ibiza II, III, IV
For Audi A2,A3,A4,A6 K-Line

Package Content:

1 x Encryption Dog
1 x CD

VAG/PRO CAN BUS+UDS+K-line S.W Version 5.5.1 VCP OBD2 Car Scanner Tool
VAG/PRO CAN BUS+UDS+K-line S.W Version 5.5.1 VCP OBD2 Car Scanner Tool
VAG/PRO CAN BUS+UDS+K-line S.W Version 5.5.1 VCP OBD2 Car Scanner Tool