VIBRANT GLAMOUR Crocodile Repair Scar cream Removal Scar Acne Treatment Marks for face or body Pigmentation Corrector Skin Care


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1.Penetrate into your skin deep to accelerate the metabolism, promoteskin cells turnover, stimulate human immune cells to produceantibodies, say goodbye to sensitive skin and put repairing scar, acnetreatment and stretch marks, anti-oxidative2.Softening the cuticle-to reduce scar surface tension, thereby reducingthe synthesis of collagen fibers3.Permeate skin bottom -Softening scar hyperplasia through metabolismof small molecule silicone and the same-level collagen4.Removing pigment precipitation- Reduces melanin deposition,promotes stratum comeum and repairs the skin5.Bridge repair- Repairing and separating necrotic tissue, acceleratingtissue softening, repairing atrophic scars

Name Face Serum
Weight 30.3g
Size of box 12.2*3.2*2cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Repair Scar Cream