Water Spray Gardening Irrigation Watering Machine Manual Pressure Sprayer


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Product Description:

Water Spray Gardening Irrigation Watering Machine Manual Pressure Garden Sprayer Garden Tools
1. Sophisticated anti blocking nozzle: two stage design, unique technology, smooth flow and no obstruction.
2. ABS material bottle: high strength, high hardness, good heat and cold resistance, long service life.
3. Labor saving pressure handle: Handheld grip design, easy to master.
4. Anti slip handle: ergonomics design, comfortable grip, saving effort and skid resistance.
5. Automatic safety relief valve.
6. Strong pressure spout, up to 5~8m spray water column.
7. Adjustable spray (rotating nozzle to change):
A. Umbrella spray: fine droplets, high adhesion rate and wide atomization.
B. Water column effect: strong brush force, can be used to irrigate distant plants.

1. Watering flowers: meticulous sprinkler, water spray uniform, not easy to cause stagnant water.
2. Wash cars: high pressure water column to clean dirt on the surface of cars.
3. Home cleaning: Sweeping, cleaning glass.
Material: ABS engineering plastic +PVC
Color: White, Blue
Capacity: 2L, 3L
2L: 34×12.5cm/13.38×4.92''
3L: 35x15cm/13.77×5.9''

1.  counterclockwise rotation and pull out the nozzle.
2. Injecting clear water into the bottle, do not exceed the water level line.
3. Pulling and pressing the connecting rod, there is plenty of pressure in 10-15 times.
4. After pressurization, the water can be produced by pressing the switch.
5. Turn clockwise into atomization and reverse turn it into a high pressure water column.
6. Don't use it for a long time and place it in the shade.

Maintenance Method:
1. It is not recommended to spray pesticides, disinfectants and other chemical agents: pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals and other corrosive substances, which will damage the parts of the sprayer, spray head and other parts. If it is necessary to spray this kind of liquid, please clean it after use. It is responsible by yourself for the loss caused by this kind of behavior.
2. Water injection should not exceed the maximum water line: the tank body needs space and implicit pressure.
3. Pressure should not be excessive: when pressed, it can stop when the resistance is noticeable. In the case of small amount of water in the pot, it can be played several times (large space in the kettle and more pressure). Avoid excessive pressure to cause damage to the body of the pot.
4. When not used for a long time, please release the pressure inside the pot: the interior of the sprayer is sealed mainly by sealing ring, sealing pad and other parts. If there is pressure in the pot, the parts will be damaged.
5. Store in a cool place to avoid exposure to sunlight: prohibit exposure, so as to avoid excessive temperature and increase the pressure inside the kettle.

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand.

Package Content:

1 x Sprayer

Water Spray Gardening Irrigation Watering Machine Manual Pressure Sprayer
Water Spray Gardening Irrigation Watering Machine Manual Pressure Sprayer
Water Spray Gardening Irrigation Watering Machine Manual Pressure Sprayer