Waterproof Sweatproof Pearlescent Matte Mixed Eye Shadow – #2 SAPPHIRE


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No. 1 Emerald EMERALD: The forgiveness of this dish is really beautiful! The powder quality continues the high-quality principle of our Miaool, with the unique soft creamy texture of the micro-shiny piece, the high-grade satin effect and the low-key matte.
No.2 sapphire SAPPHIRE disk: the effect of this plate is simply the star river in the eyes! It consists of five polarizing systems and four matte systems.
No.3 Amethyst AMETHYST disk: This plate is a limited color! The color itself has a unique mysterious color. This is no matter how you match the fairy. It is your own, and it is full of mysterious atmosphere.
No.4 Topaz TOPAZ disk: I saw a first-time feeling of a fire in the winter, burning my little purse! The overall warm brown has four pearls and five matte lights, and the super high quality brings you a different fire in the winter.
No.5 Ruby RUBY: Look at it. Since ancient times, the "Fox" has not started from the eyes of the evil spirit. The sorrow of this ruby is absolutely beyond the wildflowers outside, and the satin comes with it. Elegance and pearly sexy seductive and matte calm overall color combination minutes to kill the audience.

How to use:
1.Dipped into the amount of eye shadow powder evenly between the entire eye sock
2.Aggravated color along the lash roots,creating a three-dimensional shadow gradient.
1.Please do not for purposes other than makeup.
2.Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3.Keep out of the reach of children

  • 9 colors eye shadow palette.
  • Portable and convenient to use.
  • High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long!
  • Rich and leading-the-trend colors.Colors range from white/cream colors for highlight to dark colors ideal for smoky eyes.
  • This palette has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night, for different occasions, casual, party, wedding!
  • Very pigmented and vibrant, palettes includes matte and shimmer eye shadows, easy to match your look!
  • No dye and will not form a annoying eyeshadow mark!
  • Easy to draw beautiful shades around the eyes last long.
  • Give clear & intense makeup effects and make you fascinating and attractive.
  • Perfect for Professional Salon, Wedding, Party and Home use.

Net Weight. 13.5g
Size of box 8.1*8*1.1cm
Gross weight 2.37oz / 67.1g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Eye shadow Palette