White Multi Functional Negative Ion Car Air Purifier Freshener Universal 3.1A Car Charger Three USB Ports Auto Oxygen Bar Odor Removal


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1. The car charger comes with a number of built-in protection methods to keep your device safe. Ensure your mobile phone and other device's safety needs are guaranteed.
2. Negative ions can activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote metabolism, purification of blood.
3. PM2.5 removal/formaldehyde removal/production of oxygen/disinfection sterilization/removal of smoke/smart charging.
4. The nicotine and the air conditioner in the car are odder, activating the oxygenation speed diffusion negative ion to achieve the bactericidal effect.
5. 3USB smart identification device, dynamically allocate optimal current, can charge three electronic products at the same time.


Size(Length of USB Port): 13.8mm/0.54inch
Color: White+black cover, Black+red cover
Material: ABS+PC fireproof material
Input Voltage: 12V/24V
The Output Voltage: 5V
Output Current: 3.1ma
Working Temperature: -30 ~ -70
Output Port: 3 USB Port
Current Limit: 7.0 A + 15
Ozone: O3 0.02 PPM
Anion Concentration Anion -3*106pcs/Cm3
Product size: (L*W*H)85*35*35mm/3.35*1.38*1.38in
Product weight: about 43g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Multifunction car charger