WS2812B LED Chips 100PCS Individually Addressable WS2812B White LED Chips with Black PCB Heatsink WS2811 IC Built-in 5050 SMD RGB DC5V


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  • INDIVIDUAL ADDRESSABLE: Each LED can have its own color and brightness. You can control each LED individually and set it to any color as you want. The brightness of the light can be adjusted
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Works great with Raspberry Pi or Arduino or T-1000S controller and is easy to program.
  • IDEAL for DIY: It’s put on a small PCB board that allows you to solder it in whatever configuration you want
  • EASY to Install: It’s easy to wire up and control. You just need one digital pin plus 5V and ground to control as many LEDs. The chainable design means no crossed threads
  • SAFETY: Work under DC5V, low voltage for human safety, low power consumption, energy-saving, super-bright but running with low temperature

Power Supply Voltage +3.5~+5.3V
Input Voltage -0.5~VDD+0.5V
Red Vf 1.8~2.2V
Green Vf 3.0~3.2V
Blue Vf 3.2~3.4V
Red Wavelength 620~630 nm
Green Wavelength 515~530 nm
Blue Wavelength 465~475 nm
Red Luminous Intensity(20mA) 550~700 mcd
Green Luminous Intensity(20mA) 1100~1400mcd
Blue Luminous Intensity(20mA) 200~400 mcd

Package Includes
  • 50pcs x LED Chips