Xtar Flashlight Lubrication Oil Flashlight Silicone Grease Oil


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Designed for lubricating surfaces that are conductive. Silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease for lubrication and protection of tin-lead electrical connectors. Benefits include good water resistance. By preventing environmental and fretting corrosion, it extends the life of electrical contacts. We recommend this grease for use on the threads of all aluminum-bodied flashlights.

  • You need a high quality flashlight lubricant to lubricate your flashlight.This lubricant is a special lubricant for glare flashlights. It has characteristics like good low temperature resistance, no curing, no dissolution, no dispersion. Water resistance, insulation and chemical stability is all nice, non-toxic, odorless, aging resistant.Compatible with all flashlight brand Pot of silicon grease for flashlight maintenance Suitable for threads and o-rings of all the flashlight Keep your flashlight screw smooth and maintain the best condition Note: Before using the product, please wash or clean the oil on the O-ring.

Package Includes
  • 1 x Xtar Flashlight Silicone Grease