Zoreya 7 Man-made Fiber Bucket Makeup Brush Beginner Portable Beauty Brush


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Zoreya 7 Man-made Fiber Bucket Makeup Brush Beginner Portable Beauty Brush

  • Rich brush, soft and smooth touch, no stimulation; fine fiber hair, soft first, grab powder is not easy to shed hair!
  • Thickened aluminium tube, durable and wear-resistant, long-term use, not easy to deform;
  • Log handle is waterproof and not easy to deform. It feels comfortable and holds beautiful makeup gently.
  • Barrel makeup brush: loose powder brush, large eye shadow brush, small eye shadow brush, uniform paint, concealer brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush.

Brand Name ZOREYA
Net weight of single product 40.6 G
Single product with packing weight 85.1g
Packaging type barreled
Size of single product 15*8 (cm)
Single product with package size 16.1*16.1*6 (cm)

Package Includes
  • 1 x Set Brush

Extra Info

1. Powder Material: Fiber magazine is used for the whole face powder and make-up, with the use of size powder, make makeup more durable.
2 large eye shadow brush material: fiber wool for large area of eyelid color, dizzy eye shadow.
3 small Eyeshadow brush material: fiber wool for small area of eye shadow halo, emphasis on eye shadow color.
4. Material of eyebrow brush: Fiber hair for eyebrow painting and eyebrow powder coloring
5 concealer brush material: fiber wool for hard to reach parts of the face, such as covering dark circles, pox and print.
6. Uniform plastering material: Fiber hair is used in eye depression and nasal profile to make facial features more stereoscopic.
7. Lip brush material: fiber outlines lip shape and lip color