ZQ-J34 650nm & 450nm Double Point Laser Focusing Laser Pointer Silver


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Introductions:Precautions:1, is strictly prohibited the use of laser irradiation of the human body or animals, vehicles, aircraft and other means of transport, flammable and explosive products, non-permitted occasions prohibit the use of this product2, laser products should not be removed for a long time the battery and fully charged, placed in a ventilated place to save; 3 months at least once to ensure that the product is normal use3, the laser light should not be more than 5 minutes each time, for a long time should be used after a brief turn off again.4, laser mouth glass should be kept clean, try to avoid dust and foreign matter affect the spot quality4, the use of laser should try to wear goggles to avoid eye fatigue and injury.5, can not be self-demolition of lasers or batteries and other related accessories, and is strictly prohibited to smash the laser products, which cause


1.Dimmable No 2.Light Style: Starry Sky 3.Strap Included: Yes

Package Includes
  • 1 x Green and Blue Laser Pen