Zq-J37 450nm Single Point 2 Speed Adjustable Focus Laser Pointer Silver – Type B


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1. Laser is strictly prohibited from shooting human beings or animals,vehicles,aircraft and other means of transport,flammable and explosive products. Do not use it in laser forbidden occasions or in public without permission.

2. The laser torch must be lighted at least once among 3 months. Please remove the battery when not use the laser torch for a long time. Batteries should be fully charged and kept in a ventilated place to maintain good condition.

3. Laser should not be lighted more than 5 minutes each time. Turn it off for a while in between long time using.

4. Keep the lens clean, make sure no dust or other obstacles that would affect the lighting patterns.

5. Goggles are strongly suggested while using this product.6. Do not disassemble or dispose this product without any permission. We're not responsible for any product failure or safety issue

1.Dimmable No
2.Light Style: Starry Sky
3.Strap Included: Yes

Package Includes
  • 1 x Green and Blue Laser Pen